Debate Motion

Prepared Motions for ECD 2013’s Debate Competition
(download PDF version)

Dear debaters in ECD 2013, here are the prepared motions for the Debate competition. Please understand the meaning of the motions well since you don’t want to misinterpret or misunderstand the motions. Any questions regarding the meaning / the wording of the motions could be addressed to ecd2013[at] with the Subject: ‘Questions about Motions’.
There will be 3 preliminary rounds and 3 eliminary rounds, which means there will be 4 rounds using these prepared motions and 2 rounds using impromptu motions. So, do browse and be updated with the news to prepare yourself for the impromptu rounds!

-          TH regrets religion-based autonomy given to particular area in Indonesia.
-          THW reduce the broadcast of entertainment shows in national private TV stations.
-          THBT the termination of RSBI is the way to go.
-          THW relocate the money for fossil fuel subsidy to green energy development.
-          THBT the producers of non eco-friendly products are obliged to display pictures of environmental destruction they had made on the packages of their products.
-          THW ban carbon trade in Europe.
-          THW ban any songs or movies that portray women as sexual object.
-          THBT the United Nations Committee for Internet Related Policies should take over internet governance.
-          THBT the dispute about Senkaku Island between China and Japan is better solved by having multilateral instead of bilateral discussions.
-          THBT Indian Government should forgive Bonded child labor debt.
-          THW condemn Mali rebels for using children as their army during the dispute.
-          THBT violent juveniles must be treated as adults in court.

Rio, Deasy, Katherine – UKSW
CA and DCAs of ECD 2013’s Debate competition